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Identity theft is often tied to various viruses and malware. Check and fix your computer regularly to reduce your risks and protect yourself and your business today.

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Lower Costs Without Reducing Quality

We pride ourselves on the working relationships we create with our customers. Our services are specially tailored to individual needs. John Your I.T. Guy and team make your problem our problem, and ensure nothing but the highest quality performance. During an initial consultation, we’ll diagnose the issue with your computer equipment and provide the best solutions to get you back up and running. Our services are guaranteed to never exceed the value of the hardware with which we are working.


Number organizations reported a significant increase in security risks.


Amount of attacks that are expected to utilize fileless techniques during 2018.


Organizations do not have faith in their antivirus to stop new threats.


Amount of online attacks that target small businesses.

Information Technology Solutions

Computer Networking Security

Networking simply means connecting all of your devices on the same internet connection. Networking machines and devices together have become part of everyday life. While it’s common within the home, it’s especially true in the workplace. However, this doesn’t mean that internet is required to network computers and peripheral hardware together, as many businesses... Keep Reading

Computer Repair & Upgrades

Quick response and cost-effective solutions when you need computer repair and upgrades! Our team responds and addresses your computer or information technology (IT) issues quickly to get you online as fast as possible! Your satisfaction is our priority! Our mission is to support your team to get your systems back online as... Keep Reading

Virus & Malware Removal

In today’s world, malware and viruses can cripple the production of any home office or place of business. Whether you are using your home machine to send emails and stay in touch with loved ones or running a business, malware and viruses can and will hurt productivity. Viruses and malware have... Keep Reading

Why Choose John Your I.T. Guy

You need an IT company that is trustworthy and will treat your computer as if were our own. We understand that your personal data is sacred and confidential and we will always treat it as such. With 20+ years of experience, John Your I.T. Guy can quickly diagnose and resolve many computer repair issues can bring slow or even halt day-to-day functions.

John Your I.T. Guy is one of the most responsive companies around, with response times averaging 2 hours or less. We will always answer the phone, show up and see the issue through to the end – without callback charges to address the same issue! We aren’t just about getting new clients; we’re about keeping our existing clients satisfied with our technical expertise. We actually care about our customers and want them to have the best experience possible using John Your I.T. Guy. Contact us today to get started.

Why Choose John Your I.T. Guy