About John, Your IT Guy

A little bit about me:

meet-johnI have been in this industry for over 20 years. Along the way I have been in positions as small as a single firm to supporting large companies. The one thing that remains constant to being successful and making the customer happy is to take their problem as my own and help solve that problem as quickly as possible. This is how I approach every single issue. Your problem is my problem and I care as much as you do to get your issue resolved as quickly and cost effective as I can.

What drives me:

I am a fix it kind of guy. I like to fix things and I will not stop until I fix the issue. I like making people happy and giving them the confidence in me knowing that I will take care of them with the utmost integrity.

Things I know:

Along with work I perform and the wide range of IT related things I can do, I know that friendliness and patience are key factors that makes a customer feel comfortable with the IT person they use. On occasion you may have sensitive data on your machine that you might be afraid other people might see. These things include accounts, financial, and emails or anything that any one person may not want other people to see. Your data is your data and it’s a personal thing. You have to think of your IT  guy as your doctor for your computer. It’s the integrity of the person working on your computer that matters and any successful IT guy knows this. A good IT guy has to be able to fix issues as well keep the sensitive nature of anything  they come across confidential. This is why I never keep any data or notes. What information I write down for notes while working on your system stays with you when I leave. Any data I copy to an external drive gets erased before I leave. I want my customers to know they can have absolute confidence in not only my ability but to my loyalty.