25 Sep

Web Surfing Problem?

Have you ever experienced a web surfing problem where some sites seem to load up quickly and others time out? Even a simple site like the Drudge Report won’t load yet some other site loads just fine? You may be having a DNS problem and not an internet problem.  IF if you have no clue […]

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4 Sep

Is a Surge Protector Necessary?

Surge Protectors are a must! Have you ever asked yourself, “Is a surge protector necessary?” If you have ever asked yourself this question then let me be the one to tell you that it is a must! People tend to underestimate how sensitive electrical equipment is. Whether it is TVs or computer equipment, electrical devices […]

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28 Aug

Laptop Screen Replacement Isn’t As Costly as You Might Think!

Why Repair Instead of Replace Most of us have had laptop screens that give us issues. Whether they are cracked or simply will not display properly people tend to believe that it would be cheaper and less hassle to simply replace the laptop. They tend to think that the parts will be expensive and the […]

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26 Aug

Printer Problems are Sometimes Easily Fixed

We all have had printer problems at one time or another where we try to print something and then….nothing. The printer is on, there are no error messages, you have reset the printer but nothing works. There was an issue this week where this was exactly what was happening. When the printer doesn’t work but […]

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20 Aug

Backup your Server or Computer

Should I Do a Backup? Always backup your computer or server! I can not stress this enough! As a business practice, this is a must! It’s not a question of if the server or PC is going to crash, it’s a matter of when. Unless you are using a Solid State Hard Drive then you have […]

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17 Aug

3 signs your PC is infected

We all have experienced when our PC seems to get slow and worse even get notoriously annoying pop-ups. When this happens, the problem never just goes away and will always get worse over time. At some point your PC will be come unusable and you will need a professional come and removed everything that is […]

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