3 signs your PC is infected

We all have experienced when our PC seems to get slow and worse even get notoriously annoying pop-ups. When this happens, the problem never just goes away and will always get worse over time. At some point your PC will be come unusable and you will need a professional come and removed everything that is handicapping your machine. Here are 3 signs your PC is infected, you should be weary of and take notice before things get so bad that it costs a fortune to get your PC performing like it should.

1. Slowness

When your applications seem to take a longer time to open that before. Even when you are within your application it seems to navigate between elements of your application slower than normal. This is a sign that you have too many things running in the background (That you do not know about). They are called processes. In task manager, there is a processes tab and on this tab it shows you everything your PC is thinking about.

2. Redirects


When you open your web browser and some other page is displayed than what you are used to seeing then something (Malware) has changed it. Worse yet when you click on a link to visit a web site you get something entirely different. If this is happening to you then you definitely need someone to come and removed the infected files and programs that is bringing your PC experience to a stop. This will not go away and working around it will only seem to work for a little while. The malicious files infecting your web browsers will go out and download more and more until your web browsing stops.

3. Pop-ups


When your PC starts popping up messages telling you that your are infected and to “Click here” to remove them, DON’T click it. By clicking it you will unknowingly bypass any antivirus program you have and give permission to download and install their software which will begin this whole infection scenario we are talking about. The best thing you can do when you see this is to shut off the PC and call a professional to come and remove these infections.

There are many removal tools available you can use but it takes a professional to be able to remove everything and ensure that your PC is safe again and clean.

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