Backup your Server or Computer

Should I Do a Backup?

Always backup your computer or server! I can not stress this enough! As a business practice, this is a must! It’s not a question of if the server or PC is going to crash, it’s a matter of when. Unless you are using a Solid State Hard Drive then you have to understand that all other hard drives have moving parts. As with anything mechanical these parts WILL wear out at some point. For this reason you MUST do a backup. For most home users once a week is enough. When I worked for larger companies I have done many different rotations. This might include a full back every night and keep a 1 or 2 week rotation. We would use DLT tapes and a DLT backup drive to accomplish this but for the home user this is expensive and not really necessary.

What Should I use to at Home?

For the home user I would recommend an external Hard drive. You can buy these for a reasonable amount and they are super easy to use. The picture below is one type most commonly used  but there are many different types. Windows has build in backup software which works pretty good. I also like to use Cobian Backup 11. It’s easy to use and this allows you to set the backup to run on a schedule that suits your needs.

Why Should I backup?

If you are not currently backing up, I would highly recommend that you think about how many pictures or documents you might lose should your PC or server ever crash.  Ina business environment,  there is usually years of data stored there and the business depends on this data to function day to day.  For the few dollars it costs to set up a back up it isn’t worth losing everything.

As always, we are available to help you should you decide that this is something you want handled professionally and have peace of mind that you are protected. Either way, Your IT Guy should reliable to accomplish this for you.

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Stay informed and happy computing!!