Cloning a SSD

Cloning a SSD wasn’t as Easy as I Thought.

So this weekend I was going to clone my wife’s hard drive from a disk to a SSD.  I ordered this SSD from Amazon because the price was great for a 250 GB drive. The hard drive in my wife’s laptop was having problems and causing the laptop to have really long load times and would seem to hang. Once I received the SSD I got to work. I downloaded a cloning tool (which I won’t mention because of the issues I had) and hooked up both drives to my desktop.

After installing and launched the cloning software and had no problems detecting the drives. I would choose the source hard drive (the old one) and then the target (the new one). Once I started the process everything went through with no issues at all. Now I am excited because it appeared as though this was going to be quick and painless. Once completed I hooked up the new SSD to the laptop and once I powered it on, the system wouldn’t boot from it. So now I have a choice…troubleshoot this issue or format this drive and try again. I chose to format and clone again and carefully make sure all the options I needed to check were made. I thought that perhaps I didn’t check a setting to make it bootable or something. Having went through the process again I got the same result. Frustrated I checked the bios settings and made changes I felt deemed necessary with no luck at all.

Save Yourself Time and Effort.

I went through this process for about three or four hours. Finally I decided that I was going to do a fresh install. Since I didn’t have a DVD install disk I had to download Windows 10 install software and make a USB drive bootable. The tool was very easy to use and did everything for me. I got the Microsoft tool for this here:

So in my experience I would have saved myself a ton of time if I had just installed the new SSD and used a USB drive to do a fresh install. If you sign onto you PC with a Microsoft account then you shouldn’t need to worry about getting the product key but just to be safe I would go ahead and make sure you have that key when installing a fresh copy.