Flash for Chrome

Flash for Chrome has to be Installed

For those of you that use Chrome you will have to install flash for chrome (Link Here) in order to see websites that run flash. You will want to click on the second entry and then install it.

The reason you will want to do this is because there are some sites that run flash programs and without the add on they simply won’t load or run. This can be frustrating since other browsers seem to use it flawlessly. Chrome does this for security reasons and protects the users from malicious malware. Once installed there are still a few simple steps you will need to take in order to make sure chrome is using it. I had to do this today with a site but once done, I can now forget it.

The steps for Flash are as Follows

In a chrome window you will need to click on the three dots on the top right corner and choose settings. Once the window opens scroll to the very bottom and choose advanced. Don’t worry, this doesn’t get difficult!

While in advanced setting scroll down the the group privacy and security. Scroll down to the content settings. It should look as shown to the left in the picture here.

Click on the small arrow to the right to expand these options.




Now once you are in here you will find a lot of options. You will want to look for Flash as shown. Click the arrow on the right to choose settings.

While in here it’s pretty self explanatory. Chorme should be set to Ask first (recommend) by default. If you turn this off then Chrome will use use chrome when requested by a site you are visiting.  You will also see below that to where you can block or allow flash to run.

The reason this is here is because if you leave the option for chrome to ask you before using it then every time you revisit that site you will have to click allow Flash to run. If the website address is added to the allow list then it bypassed toe confirmation window. This is very useful for site you visit on a daily basis.

I hope this post is helpful to anyone that has ran into this issue before and wasn’t sure what was wrong and resulted in giving up or trying different browsers.

Thank you your time. Feel free to replay if you need any advice or help in IT related issues. Happy to help anyway I can.