Does a Gaming Mouse make a Difference?

Breakdown of why a Gaming Mouse Makes or Breaks

As a gamer and long time I.T. professional I can first hand testify to the difference a gaming mouse makes. I have played everything from Doom, Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, to Battlefield 1, 3, and 4. For the longest time I used a regular mouse and did ok but when I switched a gaming type my game play soared. The difference with a gaming mouse and regular is that you get higher DPI with a device specifically for this purpose. When playing first person shooter games, aiming is important and pixel perfect aiming is a must to not miss. Regular mice tend to be just a few pixes off. To the naked eye you can’t tell but a program most certainly can and many times you KNOW you made a hit but the system says miss. This is the reason why.

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Lets talk Macro Buttons

5500 DPI X7 Pro Gaming Mouse+ Hifi Pro Gaming Headphone 3
5500 DPI X7 Pro Gaming Mouse+ Hifi Pro Gaming Mouse

When you look at this mouse you can see it has many extra buttons. These buttons allow special customization to perform specific functions. These settings to assign buttons to tasks are always going to be found in whatever program you are running. Need to dive or duck? Set a button for that action so that you can do this quickly at your fingertips instead of using keyboard commands. Using keyboard commands has the tendency to lend itself to mistypes and making it harder than it needs to be.

Gaming mice aren’t always specific to games either. They make a great office addition folks editing graphics too! With higher resolution you can get pixel perfect editing done! At the click of a button you can change the speed of the mouse cursor which makes office work or gaming easier to manage your activities.

To sum it all up I would most certainly recommend a gaming mouse for anyone in the market to upgrade to looking to change the mouse you are currently using. Come checkout our new and growing store to see the deals we have going. We are actively adding inventory daily to provide a much larger selection to choose from so be sure to come back to see the added items!

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