Home Camera System

Why You Need a Home Camera System

A DVR system will cover all areas of your home inside and out.Having a home camera system in and around your home has become a necessity to protect yourself from many forms of burglary. With the holidays fast approaching, thieves will be out in force looking for opportunities to take what belongs from you. Many times we receive deliveries from shipping companies that are left on your doorstep waiting for someone to come take it.

Using s DVR system ensures that if someone does steal from you then you will be able to see it happen and help the authorities apprehend this thief and return what belongs to you. DVR system are able to cover your house inside and out. having eyes on your home and having the ability to access these cameras from any web browser or smart phone gives you the piece of mind. When choosing what home camera system to use keeps these in mind.

  • How long and you record for. How long can you keep records.
  • Are the cameras weatherproof. Outdoor cameras will need to be able to handle head and cold as well as wet weather.
  • Can I access the cameras live? (Almost all system allow you to view live footage of the cameras but there will need to be router configuration to allow this.)
  • Can I take snapshots for still photos easily. If you do catch a burglar on your camera you will need to be able to get still shots for the police.
  • Are there wireless options?

Wireless Home Camera System

Wireless Cameras can be placed in many places!If you find that an entire DVR system is out of your price range there is another option. Consider a wireless home camera system. This option requires you purchase a couple of wireless cameras and place them at locations of your choice. You will still be able to view through these cameras remotely and they will come with micro SD card slots for recording. When looking for a wireless camera then you will want to consider the following:

  • Can the camera run off battery life? If so, how long does the battery last?
  • Does the camera include night vision?
  • Can I hear sound through the camera? Most wireless cameras provide this function.
  • Can I access the camera from my phone or laptop through the web?
  • Can I see live view?

These are just a few things to consider when choosing a camera that suits your needs.



Other Uses for Wireless Cameras

There is no doubt that having a camera system in your home provides security from burglaries but there are many reasons to have these in your home. Having one as a baby monitor. Do you have a bay sitter come to your house and watch the kids while you have a night out? Now you can see whats going on in your home at any time. What if something happens and you want to see why someone got hurt? With a home camera system you can now keep people honest because you can now see for yourself what took place. Think that your teenager is throwing a party in your home while you are away? Now you will know.