Is a Surge Protector Necessary?

Surge Protectors are a must!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is a surge protector necessary?” If you have ever asked yourself this question then let me be the one to tell you that it is a must! People tend to underestimate how sensitive electrical equipment is. Whether it is TVs or computer equipment, electrical devices are very vulnerable to power surges and thus can ruin appliances. Power surges can occur at any moment so if you think that it can only happen during a storm then you may want to think again!

Different types of power surges

Power surges can occur from several different reasons. Thunderstorms is the most common for this to happen. Most people think that a lighting bolt would have to strike the house in order damage their equipment. What you should know is that a lighting strike only needs to hit close and can release a static discharge throughout a neighborhood. The power lines are designed to channel most of this into the ground but it doesn’t make you safe from it reaching your power lines in your home.

You also have the threat of bad wiring which can cause a short and thus sending surges through that circuit and tripping the breaker. Even though the breaker trips, there was still a surge sent to trip the breaker and anything in it’s path is at risk. Static electricity can also cause damage. It builds up and when you touch anything metal, that causes  a discharge. Although this is harmless to people it can prove detrimental to sensitive equipment!

What can I do to protect myself?

There are many different types of devices you can use to protect yourself. You can use a battery backup or UPS. You can also use a simple surge protector that does not provide power backup support. They both provide protection for your computer should you experience a surge in the power around you. If there is a thunderstorm heavy in your area then it is the best practice to unplug everything. Simply turning it off will not help you should a lighting strike occur. Even with the best surge protectors you still want to exercise common sense in such situation. This includes TVs, digital phones, and computers! So is a surge protector necessary? Most definitely!electric-power-plug-extension-cord-isolated-white-background-48197709

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