Laptop Screen Replacement Isn’t As Costly as You Might Think!

Why Repair Instead of Replace

Most of us have had laptop screens that give us issues. Whether they are cracked or simply will not display properly people tend to believe that it would be cheaper and less hassle to simply replace the laptop. They tend to think that the parts will be expensive and the labor cost will be high and by the time you have had a laptop screen replacement done you could have purchased a new laptop.

This simply isn’t true. If you opt to replace the whole machine then you also have to think about the hassle of backing everything up and reinstalling any programs you have that you use on a daily basis. Just think about your email, contacts, any signatures you have, that have to be redone. This also includes settings you have configured that specialize your laptop that suits YOU on how the system looks and feels.

Actual Monitor Cost

LTscreenWhat people don’t realize is that a simple screen (non touch screen) usually costs about $25 to $40. By the time you buy the part and have Your IT Guy do the work, you have about $125 invested. That’s considerably less expensive than paying $500 or more for a new laptop and all of your data and programs aren’t touched. You get the laptop back and everything is as it was before the screen issues started!


Touchscreen Knowledge

digitizerToday we see more and more touchscreens and these get damaged and need replacing as well. Touch screens have a glass device that lays on top of the regular monitor and is called a digitizer screen. These parts are more expensive to purchase but are no less difficult to replace. They typically cost around $125 for the part. So again, once you have purchased the part and have Your IT Guy replace it, you are only investing around $200. If you need the digitizer screen AND monitor then expect to spend about $250 or so. This is only about half the cost of replacing the entire laptop and none of the hassle of re-configuring and reinstalling everything!

What you should take away from this post is knowing that a cracked or malfunctioning screen should not scare you. Take comfort in knowing that this is not expensive to replace and with the amounts stated above you are now armed with the knowledge you need that will help you to determine who is honest and who is trying to take advantage.

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