Printer Problems are Sometimes Easily Fixed

We all have had printer problems at one time or another where we try to print something and then….nothing. The printer is on, there are no error messages, you have reset the printer but nothing works. There was an issue this week where this was exactly what was happening. When the printer doesn’t work but seems to be fine then there a couple of things you can try before calling Your IT Guy.

Steps to Take

1. Reboot the COMPUTER!

On occasion the computer may lose connection and not re-establish connection. This happens sometimes when the toner or ink cartridges are changed. The printer gets turned off and back on but while doing so this kills the connection to the computer. Although the computer is supposed to pick back up it sometimes will not. By rebooting your computer, this forces the connection to be attempted.

2. Check your Connection!

If you are using a wired connection then check to see if the cable has been jarred lose. This could be through a network cable or USB connection. If you are using your network cable to print then you will be having bigger issues as you would not be able to connect to the server or internet. A USB connection however could be disconnected and everything else would appear fine. Just make a quick inspection of the USB connector on BOTH ends. (Computer and Printer)

Is It Time to Call?

If you are having a problem printing and have tried the above fixes then there most certainly more going on and there is a real problem. Then it’s time to call your IT guy to resolve this issue.

I hope these 2 simple steps will help you solve your issue before having a costly bill and get you back to printing quickly!

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Stay informed and happy computing!!