Web Surfing Problem?

Have you ever experienced a web surfing problem where some sites seem to load up quickly and others time out? Even a simple site like the Drudge Report won’t load yet some other site loads just fine? You may be having a DNS problem and not an internet problem.  IF if you have no clue what DNS is then read on and I will explain a little about DNS.

What is DNS?

DNS or Domain Name Service, is essentially a directory much like your phone directory. If you open a phone book and look up a person’s name you will find their address and phone number. DNS works the same way. When you search for JohnyourITGuy.com then your request goes to a DNS server which has these entries and finds where that site resides and sends the request to the server where the website is located. Then the connection is made you are now on that website. On your computer you have to have the correct DNS settings so that your computer knows where to go look for requests you make to to reach different sites. With the wrong numbers or missing numbers you certainly will have a web surfing problem.


Could my web surfing problem be with my ISP?

holding-a-dot-com-iii-1411477In rare occasions your internet service provider may be having problems with their DNS servers. When this happens you would experience surfing issues. You may think that you yourself are having problems and may even call a tech to come find out why you are having issues. After spending the hourly cost of a clean up and troubleshooting you may be a little irritated to find you that you weren’t having a problem at all!


How can I tell?

There are a couple of things you can do to see if your web surfing problem is in house or not. The first indicator is if every machine seems to be having the same problem. If the issWebsurfingue comes up all of the sudden and every machine affected then you may want to call your ISP before paying to have someone come out to taking your equipment to a tech service. Sometimes you can reset your modem and router and PCs and refresh everything. If your ISP has changed DNS numbers the resetting your equipment may get the updated changes on their own. If all but one machine is working fine except one then you may have a problem with that one computer and in this case I would call your IT Guy.


I hope the little bit of information was helpful and save you some money in the process.


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