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Why Do I Need a Mini GPS Tracker?

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Imagine while camping you look around and do not see one of your kids or dogs. You get no response when you call out to them in hope that they will respond. Being helpless to find your loved one is something no one would ever want to experience. For this reason you need your child or pet to have a Mini GPS Tracker on them. Locate them within minutes! This security of knowing that no matter what you would be able to be there for your children. This gives you to reassurance you need as a parent to be the protector of your loved ones.

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Other Applications for a Mini GPS Tracker

Many vehicles already have a GPS system. Thieves know this too! The car’s GPS may be disabled, but not the one that’s hidden!

Elderly people have been known wander out and get lost. Find them fast!

Track your pets should they get out of the fence.

While docked, your boat gets stolen. This could happen even while parking your truck just after your boat hits the water!

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Never again live with fear of losing something precious to you and not being able to do something about it!

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Small and Sleek

You can put this almost anywhere! Here are just a few examples:

  • In your purse
  • On a dog’s Collar
  • In a child’s backpack
  • In the storage box of your boat or car
  • Elderly or Disabled adults under your care
  • Keep your teenagers honest
  • Many other locations…Can be put anywhere!

We here at John Your IT Guy , which provides I.T services, are committed to the security of families and loved ones.