2018 Classic TEVO Tarantula I3 Aluminium Extrusion 3D Printer



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3D printing at its at your fingertips! 3D printing allows you to make practically anything you want.

Lead Time: 4 to 5 Business days.

Technical Specifications:

  • Layer resolution of 50 microns.
  • MAX Printing Speed: 150 mm/s.
  • Build size: 200X 200 X 200mm. Large print area of 200 x 280 x 200 mm (Optional).
  • Full Metal E3D Bowden long distance Extruder.
  • Material type: PLA, ABS, PETG, Wood, PVA and Flexible Filaments (With Pro Metal Extruder).
  • Material specifications 1.75mm in diameter.
  • Positioning accuracy: Z 0.004mm, XY 0.012mm.
  • Printing Color: Single color.
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.4mm (customized 0.3mm/0.2mm).
  • Recommended extruder temperature: 210°C (the maximum can be set to 260°C).
  • Heating plate temperature: 60-110°C (proper winter warming and summer appropriate cooling).
  • Best ambient temperature: ≥25°C.
  • Power requirements: 220V, 250W, 50Hz, 0.89A.
  • Connection: TF card or USB.
  • The file print format: STL,G-Code.
  • Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac.
  • CE, FCC specifications: CE, FC, ROHS.
  • Device weight: 7.5kg.
  • Equipment size: 430 X 440 X400mm.
  • Package size: 440X 340X 190


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20 thoughts on “2018 Classic TEVO Tarantula I3 Aluminium Extrusion 3D Printer

  1. feedback from other as clear детальками come in box printer, пленками protective power coated. t-гаечек bags do not have some, city in stores and sellers on таращились удивленно пожимали and shoulders. изрядно to побегать. 🙁 (
    well and washers, yes. here you закупиться directly.
    simply собиралось (not including the unpleasant points) any problem but after assembly. undertook case for here and seller: extended time buyer protection immediately, отзывчиво posted, as помогал could. service as. they are pure 10 of 5 stars put.
    шустро and pretty nice prints, but have косяки (совушке as seen on edge floating). trouble in choice think there temperatures. тестинг me help.
    compare with printer is not in. purchase goods or not advise so can’t. but, повторюсь again, just умничка seller.
    and two extruder gift titanium walking мотка pla 0,75mm.

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  2. stunning printer, even a novice easy paramétrer for me. more than the rest upgrader. i recommend. thanks

    Ships From: China color: Auto and Large Plate

  3. didn’t have time to write a feedback because I was to busy printing:) .
    the delivery was great it was sent by dhl, that delivered it in a very organized way( you can monitor the package the whole time)
    all the part come in a special box with foam and looks like the good quality type.
    you get 2 filament rolls and a titan extruder that works great.
    the instruction are very good, and I am very pleased from the printer. I get really good results.
    thank you tell for a great product.

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  4. The seller was prompt in replying my queries, The product was shipped a bit late because of Christmas holidays . Seller is reliable. Seller did the best on his part. ( best seller I have ever dealt with)

    Good packaging and it was up to the expectations.
    All parts were in the package (Some bolts and screws were extra). Came with the normal extruder and Titan extruder. This is a variant of Migobot.

    2 PLA spools of each 200g were there (one green and one multicolor). Filament quality was good.
    Most tools were provided. Some part of the manual was not clear. Please take the help of YouTube for that.
    Also mention the type of plug

    Please upgrade the firmware to latest Marlin firmware for best experience. The stock firmware is really annoying.
    For Indian buyers:
    The FedEx service is also good. You need to provide KYC documents along with the invoice to FedEx. Customs charged me ₹3454 (~$54). Customs is very bad. Luckily the package was good. It took almost 6 days to clear customs.

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  5. high quality and fast delivery, arisen especially setting assembling and problems, aluminum and gathered прошил * vk contact group of optional items ordered com/tevotarantulaaluparts (instead * point) and now even разбалтывает design printing non fast!

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  6. came packaging complete, but when вскрытии appeared пробит with plastic package one! this bad surprise! 14 printer собирал self, according to the instructions. design very high quality items, rollers all metal the bearings, high quality plastic. alignment and need adjustment mandatory after assembling table and print head! printed risk of damage or break table surface have a big or printer. logo printing trial launched firm. to be a high quality. разбираться become the case, optional what want turned обдув plastic. ordered fans. while they travel, grown wire and quality temporary прикрутил essential!
    conclusions: works great, it need to enhance the print quality but доделать. highlight, the printer parts can be printed on this is it.

    Ships From: China color: Automatic platform

  7. – Shipping: Super Quick (~4Days to Thailand)
    – Communication: Awesome!
    – Order items: All OK as per the description except for the Display PCB
    1. looks old and is definitely refurbished but works fine (see pics)
    2. supplied acrylic/screws for the display PCB does not fit on PCB properly so the turn knob button is rubbed against the acrylic circle when the pointer on the button circle reaches bottom (see pics)

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  8. free shipping figment Is very Good!!! recommended selling. wholesale top 1 week tardo yet-send the figment free transcurso do chinese rose Mexico was 5 days Door my. buyer from fedex Mexico you custom approx 370 wireless charge. unique men’s watch tevo BRand NEMA 17 motors not as the photo show. general Is great seller and wind pointed Attention excellent. thanks

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  9. just super printer повозиться need more and better. for better концевиков подложить washers, burst one i ((.

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  10. very fast shipping. absolute stunning printig quality. but you really need to be ambitious about building it. takes 3 hours and is not easy. very nice customer support, always replying fast and very helpful. probably the best thing i bought on aliexpress

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  11. printer very good. the first piece press stayed well. and reached too fast.

    Ships From: Germany color: Standard Printer

  12. 10 days sent printer, walking more лога dry to on 20 days. value for money printer, quality excellent. pla 2 has been included. that is not навая motherboard with the picture replaceable stepper motor driver is very good.

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  13. Заказал неделю назад из китая. Продавец связался и предложил отправку из России со старой версией платы, но с увеличенным столом, за стоимость стандартного набора. Знаю, придётся ещё докупить мосфет и блок помощнее, но это как раз примерно разница между полученным набором и заказанным. В итоге получу довольно таки не плохой агрегат. Собрать пока не времени. Потом дополню отзыв. Надеюсь уже с фотографиями напечатанных на принтере деталей.

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  14. Все очень аккуратно сделано, приятно собирать и использовать.
    Крепежа хватило
    Я доволен, спасибо:))

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  15. Прекрасный принтер за адекватные деньги. Сборка заняла 10 часов. Настройка еще не завершена. Требует некоторых доработок

    Ships From: China color: Large auto Flex Dual

  16. The product came in the way that seller described it. Ups delivered the cargo fast and there was not any problem about custom but it take some time for seller to post it. Delivery totally takes about 8 working days. I have not started to assembly yet but it seems all parts are in complete. Its quality is good as it compared with its price.

    Ships From: China color: Auto and Flex

  17. Заказал 22.05.2018. Заказ забрал 04.06.2018 из регионального центра, не стал дожидаться доставки до квартиры. Доставка осуществлялась из г.Чита Деловыми линиями. Как по мне, так доставка была супер быстрой, чуть меньше двух недель!!! Коробка была чуть помята, но содержимое не пострадало.

    Далее о принтере:
    – собрал за два дня,
    – есть в комплекте две катушки пластика по 250 гр, у меня это PLA розовый и зелёный,
    – крепежа хватило, кроме болтов с гайками для конечников,
    – новый микроконтроллер MSK GEN_L V1.0,
    – высокий портал.
    – ужасно кривая кровать (у них так рабочий стол называется), пришлось положить стекло.
    – принтер не греет хотэнд выше 240 градусов, то есть нейлоном и прочими пластинками с высокой температурой вы печатать не сможите, надо перепроливать контроллер.
    – по оси Х перемещение всего 200 мм!!! далее ось Х врезается в крепление оси Z. То есть, если печатать с юбкой для улучшения атгезии, то максимальная ширина детали будет 180 мм. Это печально!!!

    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

  18. The printer was delivered in 5 days from Russian Federation to Moscow region by jde.ru company.

    Ships From: Russian Federation color: Standard Printer


    Ships From: China color: Standard Printer

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