832mm 13 LED Backlight strip For SamSung 40


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The LED Backlight Advantage

  1. High brightness up to 700 nits
  2. Long operating life, typically lasting over 100,000 hours
  3. More energy saving
  4. Wide scope of application
  5. More environmentally friendly
  6. Easy to Install


  • Strips length are fixed, can not be cut.
  • Size: 832mm
  • LED Qty:13 leds (8+5)
  • Voltage: 39v(24-15)
  • Light circuit: 13 series 0 parallel
  • Single lamp voltage: 3V
  • 1 set=2pcs(1 pcs is 528mm 8LEDs+1pcs is 324mm 5LEDs)
  • ​Package include 7sets(14pcs)
  • 100% new, Make in china !!!

Before Buying

1.The connector,the length and the LED Quantity all in our description,please sure our LED Strip suitable for your TV befor buying.If not ,contact us first, thanks!

2.Because the product will be upgraded,there will be a little difference between the picture and the goods that you got. We promise the shape and function will the same as our description.

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    porfavor . le rogaria que mejorasen el embalaje para futuros pedidos .un saludo

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