Desktop Power 500W Quiet Power Switching 12V ATX BTC Power Supply



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1. This power supply using INTEL12V2.3 version design, support INTEL and AMD quad-core CPU, discrete graphics.
2. Equipped with PFC, magnetic amplifier circuit, high efficiency, low ripple.
3. Support INTEL, AMDATI, Nvidia, VIA, SIS and other full range of chip motherboard.
4. Support SATA and PATA multi-hard disk array.
5. Seven heavy protection: Overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, short flow, light protection.
6. High-grade baked black shell built-in 12CM color brand cooling fan, ultra-quiet, heat suburbs is good enough.
7. Unique insect resistant design.
8. 20 + 4-pin interface fully compatible with twenty, twenty-four pin motherboard, square P, 2 large P, 2 SATA.
9. The maximum power of up to 500W power.

1 20 / 24 pin ATX power
1 +12v P4 four pin
1 six pin PCI Express
4 Serial ATA (SATA)
3 Molex four pin
1 floppy connector Package Include:
1 x Power Supply

Additional information

80 PLUS Certification

Other Certification



Interface Type

20 + 4Pin



Brand Name


Rating Power

401W – 500W

20 thoughts on “Desktop Power 500W Quiet Power Switching 12V ATX BTC Power Supply

  1. good price and fast delivery. this seller really recommend. item right fully with the supplied.

  2. Lacks a 8pin connector, and arrived damaged. Mine also didn’t have the cool design on top, but that doesn’t really matter. As far as I can tell, it does work fine, and damage was seems due to post office. Overall, seems good, but not 100% what was shown.

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