HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse USB Optical Mouse


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20 thoughts on “HAVIT Wired Gaming Mouse USB Optical Mouse

  1. goods delivered fast, 30.12.2017 i have been mail 16.12 2017 ordered. high quality mouse made. surface slip only thin, on the table mat without сотрутся very fast.

    Ships From: Russian Federation

  2. mouse excellent!
    ergonomic, optimal has weight (and not soars burdens hand). fine, there are two 🙂 can change colors led mood light programmable keys. наведение accurate, not loud, the sound nice.
    i designer, ordinary worked on, the standard mouse. standard looking for yourself, have additional wish but was button, them to snap team. also like crazy, shape of space, now that. selection criteria also has been one of my-endurance, day нажатий like very, very, very much)))
    recommend taking.

    Ships From: China

  3. доставка11! excellent a shop. packed in carton cute mouse. this, and k брала gift. check on until operability. will be able to supplement if feedback допишу.

    Ships From: China

  4. 8 came send (!!!!! eight!!!!!). packaging is intact goods safe and sound, qualitative, description all-match. impressed i speed delivery!!! recommend!!!!

    Ships From: China

  5. Delivery took 3 weeks, but everything came as was ordered BUT, my mouse is seems to be used???? Dear seller, any comments to that?Bottom of the mouse is scratched and looks not that nice…. For that I rate you as 4 stars and wont recommend you, sorry.

    Ships From: China

  6. little помятая came, but still work, for cs: цепу for that can be better go, here can works look like twitch tv/nuleviy

    Ships From: China

  7. came quickly mouse (russia). sent-pvz received in sms. but! it is proved broken (inside with electronics something: laser потухал through a pair of, cursor and “убегал” in angle screen)) seller questions without выслал new, despite the chinese new year. excellent mouse (already юзаю week) heavy enough. лагов/телепортов no noted. braided wire cloth in hard, сковывает but not motion. it is all brand cool in (hevic) tape and even have bags with brand logo. магаз standards. i am pleased. in gift!) sent bluetooth headset. простенькую, but also its фирменную “hevic”

    Ships From: Russian Federation

  8. mouse super, perfectly fits in the hand, but when улетает very fast motion sensor

    Ships From: China

  9. good, добротная mouse. задротов-геймеро professional for. only for comfortable experience.

    Ships From: Russian Federation

  10. 1 cent won, mouse dpi adsl with backlight and elegant simple, very have feeling as грузик inside probably heavier than normal bluetooth mouse or

    Ships From: China

  11. Очень понравилась мышка удобная и не очень дорогая и скидка 50% и доставка бесплатная.

    Ships From: Russian Federation

  12. Даже не ожидал что мишка очень крутая) 6 режимов подсветки на любое настроение, качество супер удевлен что шнур из хорошего качества не перегнаться я доволен мишкой.Продавец хороший общительный. Всё как в описании.

    Ships From: China

  13. во первых оч быстрая отправка и доставка. во вторых мыша просто отличная, кто-то писал что тяжелая(не почувствовал такого), провод отличный на фото видно(жесткая оплетка, не пластик литой и не тряпочка что иногда встречаются). скорость переключаешь под конкретное занятие за компьютером оч. удобно. в общем доволен как слон, продавцам и курьерам большое спасибо)))

    Ships From: Russian Federation

  14. Мышь упакована очень надёжно. Пришла компанией СДЭК. Продавец отвечал быстро. Продавец Надёжный. Мышь удобная. Можно менять dpi одной кнопкой. (сразу же меняется подсветка). Очень понравился провод, который плотно обмотка тканевой оплёткой. Я очень доволен. Спасибо большое

    Ships From: China

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