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  • 1. This power supply using INTEL12V2.3 version design, support INTEL and AMD quad-core CPU, discrete graphics.
  • 2. Equipped with PFC, magnetic amplifier circuit, high efficiency, low ripple.
  • 3. Support INTEL, AMDATI, Nvidia, VIA, SIS and other full range of chip motherboard.
  • 4. Support SATA and PATA multi-hard disk array.
  • 5. Seven heavy protection: overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent, overload, short flow, for lightning protection.
  • 6. High-grade baked black shell built-in 12CM color brand cooling fan, ultra-quiet, heat suburbs is good enough.
  • 7. Unique insect resistant design.
  • 8. 20 + 4-pin interface fully compatible with twenty, twenty-four pin motherboard, square P, 2 large P, 2 SATA.
  • 9. The maximum power of up to 400W power.


  • 1 20 / 24 pin ATX power
  • 1 +12v P4 four pin
  • 1 six pin PCI Express
  • 4 Serial ATA (SATA)
  • 3 Molex four pin
  • 1 floppy connector

Package Include:

  • 1 x Power Supply

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Interface Type

20 + 4Pin

Brand Name


80 PLUS Certification

Other Certification



Rating Power

301W – 400W

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