Newest Ender-3 Creality 3D Printer DIY Kit V-slot prusa I3 Upgrade Resume Power Off Max Temp 110C



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Product Description:


Full Ender 3 kit +free 5m filament+8GB sd card+reader+Tools+Hotbe

For the Filaments send random color.PLA or ABS.

For the nozzle.The default size is 0.4mm.we also have 0.2mm,0.3mm .if you need change .just notify us.

For the power.The default is EU plug.we also have UK ,US plug,if you need change ,please contact with us freely.


3D printing application:

Industrial Design :product deign process board production.

Art Design :a highly difficult process to form complex shapes.

Mechanical design :verification and testing of mechanical design process.

Architectural design :building the prototype design and planning,construction sand table model.

Medical research and development :design and production of medical institutions.

Personalized design :DIY and personalized design enthusiasts production.

Educational institutions :model teaching,design and experiment.

About packing:

1,Modular packaging,all 3d printer parts are in box,scientific packaging design, each part is carefully protected to ensure safe arrival.

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20 thoughts on “Newest Ender-3 Creality 3D Printer DIY Kit V-slot prusa I3 Upgrade Resume Power Off Max Temp 110C

  1. Excellent shipping option and very impressive quality 3d printer for it’s price!

    Ships From: Germany

  2. Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Verarbeitung und der Qualität des Druckers! Die Lieferung ging sehr schnell.

    Ships From: Germany

  3. I ve ordered this product by checking the shipping company as Aramex. But the seller posted with DHL without informing me before sending. I never prefer DHL because people in my country(Turkey) generally having problems. DHL messed up everything and processed the parcel wrong by passing it to customs without ever contacting me. I requested help from the seller to solve the problem. But the seller didnt replied to me upto opening a dispute. I had to prove that parcel belongs to me and deal with complicated customs issues and spend some money which was higher than my order price. I was expecting from Aliexpress will help me about this issue and solve the problem but customer service didnt accept the evidence of official DHL consigment note which clearly shows that the parcel was processed wrong and just gave me advice and make a very fair!!! conclusion of full payment to seller. My parcel was stuck at customs, I ve lost my money, time and got nothing.

    Ships From: China

  4. this printer is a bang for the buck. it is straightforward to assemble, and the final result is amazing, although some fixing have to be done: 1) the leadscrew was not parallel to the z axis, so I had to place a washer between the z-motor and the frame. 2) the x axis after assembling was a bit difficult to get it parallel to the ground, I had to play with the 4 screws connecting it to the wheel-plates. 3) the bed movement is not very smooth even after regulating the eccentric nuts, but that seems to not affect the print results. In conclusion this printer is fantastic and I’d buy it again, being able to get results comparable to printers costing 5-6 times.

    Ships From: Germany

  5. Arrived faster than expected. Shipped from Hong Kong via dhl. Product works well. Requires a little tweaking to get optimal quality but excellent overall.

    Ships From: China

  6. Printer was shipped in good packaging. Got to me with absolutely no damage whatsoever. The printing bed wasn’t warped in any way and no pieces were missing. They also give you a few replacement pieces and enough tools to be able to fix/modify anything you’d like. I’ll be recommending this to my friends when they ask.

    Ships From: China

  7. Ordered it on the 30th of May got it 5 days later so very very very fast delivery , thank you.

    Ships From: Germany

  8. The printer is really good for the money but it requires some complex calibration of the x axis to make it perpendicular to the frame, that should be improved.. The bed is having difficulties to stay at 110° C for ABS but it is able to stay around 107° C. Once calibrated it print very well.

    Ships From: Germany

  9. Great printer. Fast shipping. But the heated bed is slightly warped so i print on a mirror tile

    Ships From: Germany

  10. likely the seller “less talk do more”. once the tracking on, the package arrives at my front door within 2 days (thanks alot for switching to faster shipping method, that’s beyond my expectations).

    it took a few hours to assemble, and another few hours for levelling (this is my first 3d printer). I regret not watching video in the memory card first, so I could ignore the printed guideline (the guideline is good, but it could be better if written in more effective order. I need to move back and forth in a few parts)
    here are my first printing. I cancel it in middle of printing.

    Ships From: China

  11. Super imprimante 3d pour débuter, livraison rapide (reçue en chronopost !) super vendeur, il n’y a rien à dire. Continuez comme ça.

    Ships From: China

  12. Awesome printer, very high quality parts and prints are amazing out of the box. Coundn’t have asked for better.

    Ships From: China

  13. Package arrived in 5 days. Printer is assembled but not tested. Easy to assemble and nothing was missing on the contrary there was plenty of spare screws. I am very satisfied with the product at this point.

    Ships From: Germany

  14. Exceptional! 4 days to arrive and working with no issues. Highly recommend AAA+++

    Ships From: China

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