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SinoTrack GPS Tracker

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About Us:

Auto Leaders Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shenzhen,a city with central sharp technology of electronic in China. We focus on researching, manufacturing and exporting GPS tracking systems,our brand name is SinoTrack,alarm systems and wireless communication products.We will always adhere to the spirit of “Honest and Reputation,Innovation and Excellence” and insist on accomplishing a good career with persons who have common goal all over the world to bring the most excellent products and happiness for our clients. Welcome retail and wholesale clients contact us for business!

GPS Tracking device is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle,to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. The recorded location data can be stored within thegps vehicle tracking devices , or it may be transmitted to a central location data base, or internet connected computer, using a cellular (GPRS or SMS), radio, or satellite modem embedded in the unit. This allows the asset’s location to be displayed against a map backdrop either in real time or when analyzing the track later, using GPS tracking software.              


1.Online Tracking Account:

after you receive package,plz check the white sticker(or user manual) on the box

choose the ID user to login,

user:ID number on the device



APP Server:SinoTracking
how to login

2.Shipping and Reply:(please note:business or working days:not including the weekends nor the holidays)

We reply your questions(using,install,configure tracker) within 24h.

We will ship item via registered Aimail in 2 days after the payment cleared

The shipping time of following sometimes maybe a little longer due to custom problems,holiday or something uncertain Reseasons.

We choose shipping way according to your country,we use the AliExpress Standard Shipping(AliExpress Official Logistics).

To most of the countries:around 20-30 business days(such as Europe UK,Germany,Spain.Swden..etc)(Except in remote areas).

To Russia federation or South America or Latin America:around 20-45 business days due tothese post is slow.(Except in remote areas).
We shipping the tracker with the retail package,and have the English user manual or Russian manual(PDF)in the package,don’t need downlaod anything,easy read for use and install.

4.Tracking Software and APP:

We have our own profession tracking software www.sinotracking.com,you can click the Demo to login.

we also have mobile APP for Android and IOS,you can serach “SinoTrack” on APP Store(IOS),Google Play(Android) to download.



– OBD tracker easy to use,no lines,plug and play.

– The IMEI and ID NO, is the only NO. of the world, can not change,only can use 2G GSM SIM card, not available for 3G or 4G and CDMA SIM card.

-The ST-902 OBD tracker is 16-pin standand interface,can be use of most of cars,most cars have a OBD interface now,if you don’t know,please check of your car.

-If you have any question or problems when you leave feedback please contact us,we will do best to solve your problems.

– These countries can not use this product: Japan, Korea, North Korea. And if your country has no 2G sim card, also can not use. 

– Before you using the online platform, pls must set the APN of your country and the IP and port of platfrom server by SMS command.

– If your sim card has PIN code(the tracker can not read SIM card),please unlock the sim card on your mobile phone.

mini GPS tracker

ST-902 Feature:
– Operating temperature:-20° to 55° C 
– Operating Humidity:5% to 95% Non-condensing
– Network:GSM/GPRS
– GSM Chip:Quad Band GSM 850/900/1800/1900Mhz 
– GPS Chip:UBLOX7020 
– GPS sensitivity:–159Db 
– Location Accuracy:10 meters, 2D RMS
– Time Accuracy:1 microsecond time synchronization of satellite time
ST-902 Function:
– OBD standard interface. 
– Build in 180mAh / 3.7V battery. 
– Real time vehicle tracking. 
– GPS tracking device. 
– Work with any 16 – pin OBD interface cars.  
– Can locate and get the position of your vehicle remotely via GPRS. 
– Support function of map location inquiry.
– No installation, no wiring harness, simply plugs into OBD port. 
– Weight:0.150 kg,OBD GPS Tracker
– Working model:support GPRS & SMS model
– Shock Alarm
– Low battery Alarm
– Over speed Alarm
Package Includes:
   1× OBD GPS Tracker     
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Our Tracking Software:


 If you use our tracker,you can use it for FREE with OBD GPS Tracker.






Our Tracking APP IOS & Android:

 If you use our tracker,you can use it for FREE with OBD GPS Tracking Device.


Additional information

GPS type

GPS Tracker

Brand Name


Special Feature

Internet Connected

Screen Size

Under 2 Inches

Gps Module


Battery Life

1 To 4 Hours



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  1. spb before delivered within 10 days. симку inserted, application fixed on the phone the car tracker, and through смски настроил заработало. accurately all shows. input value at command tracker has not only odometer. took 1151р tracker for battery.

    Color: Battery Box Line

  2. like. identified location to within 5 meters.-лампочкам by judging catches and gps gprs. caught being very fast, per minute literally. настраивал until personal, just sent sms-ку: 6690000
    of the flaws:
    internal battery-no. find so on when it is machine
    -why not работат when power by usb cable. this connector general then why?

    Color: NO Battery NO Box

  3. courier home goods delivered in three days after receipt. all packed dignified in original box self assembled вызуально instrument good, отпишусь работаспособности on later. send the seller operational thank you. recommend.

    Ships From: Russian Federation Color: Battery and Box

  4. standard all externally. пробовать will. no usb cord included.

    Ships From: China Color: Battery Box Line

  5. the help!
    hi, application downloaded доя tracker. sim card inserted. led lights gps gprs led flashing. the module is written instructions or inserted sim start, but the sim card is inserted. send sms to the sim card number, трекере installed in which, not in return comes. customize please help! letter b прикладываю photo.

    Ships From: Russian Federation Color: Battery and Box

  6. good goods. correct симку 🙁 first inserted as нарисовано трекере really is necessary. opened the dispute, but i was not right.-high quality goods recommend!

    Ships From: China Color: Battery Box Line

  7. arrival 2 weeks. free product. waiting to operate. if it is good i laisserai best reviews

    Ships From: China Color: Battery Box Line

  8. tracker excellent! самару arrived in 2. customize plug and very simple. it can be operated or yusb micro hbs. the настроил оранж no problem.

    Ships From: China Color: NO Battery NO Box

  9. This item working good, but the gps detect my car at african see. Suppose this device track my car at Malaysia . I feel disappoint for this.

    Ships From: China Color: Battery Box Line

  10. ️‍♂️ work fine
    very simple plug in.
    is the goods to seller in!

    Ships From: China Color: NO Battery NO Box

  11. пришёл full set. extension cord and battery with ordered. tested until operability. прошёл registration online. saw checked before shipment. functional sinotrack poor in the application. look like show in

    Ships From: China Color: Battery Box Line

  12. full set 29.03 заказывал. received 05.05. дополню установлю all ok

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  13. Работает. Довольно точно определяет. Быстрая доставка др СПб

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  14. пришла быстра. включил. работает. буду настраивать.

    Ships From: China Color: Battery Box Line

  15. Ótimo produto excelente vendedor. Sómente o APP da Sinotrack deixa à desejar, mais no resto é perfeito

    Ships From: China Color: Battery Box Line

  16. исправно auto position tracker sms send a application that’s running not stable. исправят косяки hope. running seller pretty good, молодец!

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