Hardware and Software Support

Hardware and software support covers a variety of possible problems and solutions. Having the right person or company do it for you makes a world of difference! Installing new hardware or software can be a daunting task. Printers and scanners are an essential part of any home or office and most commonly they are connected to all of your computers. This is done to reduce the cost of purchasing multiple devices. In most cases when you install software there is configuration that needs to be applied to suit your needs after installation has taken place. This is especially true when installing an application on your server that your office computers will need to attach to. Even if you are not installing new equipment or software but are having trouble with your existing setup, we can determine whether your hardware needs to be replaced or not. Any software issues you may have can be solved without having to perform upgrades or purchasing newer versions in most cases.


Hardware Installation and Support

We can install your devices and attach them to your network to allow all of your machines to utilize these devices. Whether you are installing a network printer or a scanner we have the expertise to come and install your hardware at minimal cost to you. If your office has a mixture of windows machines you may find it difficult to get your network device installed on all of these systems, we have faced this many times and know what it takes to get everyone working on the your device. This saves money and space in your home or office which allows you to utilize your office space better!


Software Installation and Support

Software installation can be even harder to deal with than hardware because the software you purchase will have to be compatible with your system and its operating system. We can tell you if the software you want will work on your systems before you purchase the software. By having us consult with you before making your purchase we can assess the needs and help you make the best informed decision. We will install and configure your software for you to allow you to perform the duties that you need to get done. If you need server software then you can be assured that there will be configuration needed to be done on both server and computer. This can be time consuming and very frustrating when the installation doesn’t go smoothly. Let us do this work for you as we can the experience and knowledge to get it done right!

Contact John, Your IT Guy for all of your hardware and software support issues to insure the job is done right.