Server Fixes and Upgrades

Almost all businesses have either one or more servers and are in need of server fixes and upgrades at some point. They perform important functions for the work place that provide multiple tasks. Whether you have an authentication server that provides logins for the employees or if you simply have a file server that holds your data which multiple people can work from all at the same time we can support any issues that may arise with your server.

One of the most important functions of a server is to provide backups of your data. Backups are typically ran on the server after hours to a local destination such as a DLT tape or off site to back up to the cloud. We can implore which backup solution best suits your needs and meets your demands.


Remote Access for Server Fixes and Upgrades

A terminal server allows people from the outside to attach to the server and perform functions as if they are in the office. Most often this is setup on the application or file server.  We can setup and configure this type of connection for your business to maximize productivity.


When Your Server Needs Help

As servers age they may need to be upgraded instead of replacing. This is the most cost effective mode to take if your server isn’t too old and can save you thousands. If your server is running slow or near capacity we can expand disk space or upgrade internal hardware to get better performance from your server if you are in a position to replace with a new server. We can make an assessment of the current state of your server and suggest the best course of action to maximize the value of your dollar when having your server worked on.

Server builds is also an option however less likely needed. We can replace an existing server or completely install a new server and configure it to help you get the best performance for your work place. If replacing a server we will be happy to make a full backup of your existing server and install a new server. Once installed we will perform a full restore and make sure that all your files are there and available before we leave.