On-Site Services VS Off-Site Services

On-Site Services VS Off-Site ServicesOn-Site Services VS Off-Site Services has been an age old question for many business owners and residential customers of ours. There are many reasons people prefer on-site services vs off-site services for their computer repair needs.  Onsite repair means that we will come out to your location and perform the necessary duties while there and leave with the problem resolved. Offsite repair refers to the trouble device being taken to the shop and repaired there and then returned and hooked up. Either way you decide how you want your problem fixed is completely up to you and we can do both.


On-site Repair

On-site repair typically means a quicker turnaround time to getting your problem resolved. Most issues can be fixed within one to two hours. This relieves you of the hassle of having to disconnect and reconnect your computer or server and having to hook it back up yourself. When we perform onsite repair we do all the lifting  and before we leave we will demonstrate to you that you issues are resolved. Most places where you drop off your computer and pick it up you will have to know how it was hooked up and if anything needs to be reinstalled (printer/scanner) it is your responsibility to hook the devises back up. That’s one of the advantages of us coming onsite as we will do all of this for you.


Off-site Repair

Offsite repair typically means a 24 hour turnaround time or more depending on the situation. We can either come pick it up or it can be dropped off and picked up when work is completed. Having us do offsite repair is usually more cost effective since it is at the shop and we will have more time to spend on the machine and perform the work on our schedule. This help reduce cost to you because the one to two hours during the day that we perform onsite tasks now becomes one to two hours we can perform in the evening when the day has slowed down and we are not so rushed.


Integrity in Service

In some cases we come across a case where the time onsite spent may exceed the value of the computer itself. We keep this in mind before we perform any work. Some computers are just too old and the performance of the machine will slow down the process. In cases like this we will inform the customer that the cost of repairing the computer will exceed the computers value and suggest replacing the computer. If you decide to replace the computer we will be happy to make suggestions and help you in this process. We will also be happy to come back when the new computer is in and move the data from the old computer to the new computer and install any devices you have. The transition should be as smooth as possible and we will be with you for the entire process to ensure that is it.